Friday, September 29, 2017

I'm back... for the most part.

Been a while since I have posted anything. The pain is still there but it is what it is. There. I am at a stalemate and its time to dust off the game board and set the pieces back up. I have conditioned myself to walk without a crutch now. I limp slightly (I think) from time to time. I am fed up more than anything. I wish it wasn't a consistent type of pain... but nevertheless I write it down, look back on it and SOMETIMES laugh. I have to. I am not crying, I refuse to do that. Not feeling sorry for myself. Its the hand I was dealt and I plan on playing the game until its over.

I know that last part was a bit melodramatic. Its a blog people... I have to spice it up with a little literary flare. It I don't it might as well be a bunch of sad words strung together and I wouldn't even want to read that.

... more later.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Still Back

My back is still on fire. Lower back. I have been trying to loosen it up but it becomes more and more unbearable as time progresses. Even hurts when I take a deep breath. I go to the pain management doc on the 5th so we will see.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Back spasm (Known Reason)

Well I have done it now. Hurt my back. Got a little over zealous while cleaning and arranging the boys room yesterday. I didn't know it had happened until the next day. I have the option of dealing with it or dealing with it. Think I shall do the manly duty and just deal with it.

I noticed that my pain blog has a lot of poor me's in the passages. I read a few of them and just thought, "Geesh why don't this guy just get over it already?" So I from now like my other blog, which can be found here, I will try my best to not let it sound so "oh poor me." I think I can get that point across while not sounding like a complete douche.

So to my back. On a scale from 1 thru to 10, I will rate it on the Pain Geek-O-Meter (because I am a huge geek if I haven't mentioned it before) I would call it an 8-Not even wanting to go to Best Buy with fifty bucks kinda 8. That is a huge deal.

I think it is mostly my lower back. I can't sit in one place for too long or it just starts spasming. At least I know what caused this pain... not like my other posts. On Well I hadn't updated this blog in a while so, I must now fair thee adieu until next passage.