Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Still Back

My back is still on fire. Lower back. I have been trying to loosen it up but it becomes more and more unbearable as time progresses. Even hurts when I take a deep breath. I go to the pain management doc on the 5th so we will see.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Back spasm (Known Reason)

Well I have done it now. Hurt my back. Got a little over zealous while cleaning and arranging the boys room yesterday. I didn't know it had happened until the next day. I have the option of dealing with it or dealing with it. Think I shall do the manly duty and just deal with it.

I noticed that my pain blog has a lot of poor me's in the passages. I read a few of them and just thought, "Geesh why don't this guy just get over it already?" So I from now like my other blog, which can be found here, I will try my best to not let it sound so "oh poor me." I think I can get that point across while not sounding like a complete douche.

So to my back. On a scale from 1 thru to 10, I will rate it on the Pain Geek-O-Meter (because I am a huge geek if I haven't mentioned it before) I would call it an 8-Not even wanting to go to Best Buy with fifty bucks kinda 8. That is a huge deal.

I think it is mostly my lower back. I can't sit in one place for too long or it just starts spasming. At least I know what caused this pain... not like my other posts. On Well I hadn't updated this blog in a while so, I must now fair thee adieu until next passage.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Latest Doctors Visit

No Wifi so I have textedit opened to transfer to my blog once wifi becomes available.

Here I sit in the doctors office waiting room. Waiting. This is just your typical, I need refills so I need to see the doctor type visit. I wonder if there will ever be a time where instead of pills, someone says, “Hey, here is a thought… lets find out the source of the pain rather than throwing pills at it to see what sticks?”

I am not a big pill taker. I don’t like it. Having to set my mood by a clock doesn’t seem right to me. To let a plastic vessel containing capsules that dictate my outlook of the day is a horrible thing, but many live their lives in this way. I have learned to adapt as well. I just wished that I knew what kind of condition I have rather than just living with it.

Just got my paperwork and am waiting to go back to see the doctor. They have a chart of a person, front and back. They want you to circle what you were having issues with. I circled Neck, both shoulders, Upper and lower back. Both hips, knees, and feet. So basically I circled everywhere that had joints. MAN they ache!

Back to see the doctor. Pressure was 128 over 82 with a pulse of 97. Pretty good. I usually don’t take notes with me like this but I thought why not. I brought my MacBook and am entering in the information while I wait. I have all the seasons from 1 to 8 of The Big Bang Theory on my computer so I am watching and I am typing. I dig this configuration. I think I will do this from now on. Every little bit of information helps.

The doctor was just in and I told her about my spine and where my upper back was really aching more then my lower. She asked if I had time to do an x-ray of it today, which surprised me! I said sure so now they left and are getting the X-ray paperwork and hardware ready.

Ok they called me back and took two X-rays of my back, front and side. Now I am back in my waiting room for the doctor to check them over. Now I am back to waiting. They are really great at The Brooks Clinic where I go.

Doctor just told me that I have scoliosis, which I think I knew already but that my discs are very thin so it could be a deterioration of the discs and possibly bone on bone. Oh joy. So, she asked me if I would like therapy or to leave it like it is because if could be just spasms OR I could have a herniated disc but that wouldn’t show up in a X-ray, but will in a MRI.

Ok just got my script and will fill in a few days. Knowing my luck its a herniated disc. *Fingers crossed that it just goes away.